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Review from France!

Just wanted to thank you for your great product! Really pleased it makes my Chevy look so much better and comfortable too 😎

2000 Chevrolet Suburban Driver Bottom replacement

2000 Chevrolet Suburban Driver Bottom Before and After

Attached a couple of pics


Louis – France

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It fit perfectly, and was an exact match

We got a message from a what seems to be a very happy customer, here is a link to what was purchased – 2002 Cadillac Escalade

Hello,  I received my seat cover and new foam pad for my 2002 Cadillac Escalade. It fit perfectly, and was an exact match.  Your advice to get a new foam pad was the best piece of advice because the old was was severely deteriorated and I would not have had near as nice an install using the old pad.  Thanks for posting the install video. It really helped, especially knowing the socket sizes and depths before I got started.  Hope you have a great year!    Jon B


Thank you Jon B from OH

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If only everything was this easy!

Great Review from Bruce, glad we were able to make everything easy 


I wanted to give yall some props….I ordered my seat covers Thursday afternoon, got a couple of texts confirming the details on Friday and received my seats on Saturday. Love the seats. Good product and good service, if only everything was this easy! Thanks,Bruce


Bruce J. – Virginia


Here is a link to the OEM (Factory matched seats) leather seats that were fixed – Click Here

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Father and Son Review

Good Day seatshop, I recently purchased a foam cushion for my 2004 ford lariat ext. cab 4×4. I am very pleased on how everything worked out. The item was received several days ahead of what we thought it would be. The foam cushion fit well. My son and I installed yesterday and everything is beautiful. Your you tube i was a wonderful help. It is a pleasure doing business with you and thank you again.


– Father and Son Review


Product Review for – 2004 F-150 Lariat Extended Cab

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Customer Review From Ron C. in Florida

Just wanted to take a moment to give The Seat Shop a “thumbs up” endorsement for the seat cover I purchased from you.  The cover was a perfect fit and match for my 2007 Expedition.  Installation was relatively easy considering I had never done any type of upholstery work.  I will definitely recommend The Seat Shop to my friends and co-workers.  Your web site was easy to navigate and the shipping was prompt.  All in all a great experience. 


Ron C. – Florida

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Customer Review Howard B.

“Got my seat cover for my 2004 GMC Sierra and after watching your video it is a breeze 10 minutes to remove seat, about 5 to remove old seat cover and 5 to install seat back in the truck, but I spent about an hour cutting seat cover for and installing the power seat controls.
The color and pattern matched perfectly. Great set of covers
Howard B”

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If and when we get an order wrong – you can guarantee we will fix it!

Below is a recent customer email responding back to having a missing stitch in the seat cover.

Just wanted to follow-up with our seat cover issue. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best :). The upholstery shop that installed the covers added the missing stitch, all is well and the seat covers look outstanding. Perhaps the most important thing to me as a customer was the manner in which our issue was immediately addressed and solutions provided. Great job!!

Many thanks and you can add us to your list of 100% satisfied customers!

Best regards,

Tim L.

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Review from Ryan K. in Texas

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to send you guys a quick email to thank you all for doing what you do. I own an older truck that I plan to drive until the wheels fall off, then put new wheels on it and do it all over again. For years, I have driven on drivers side seat foam that has been flattened through 14 years and a quarter of a million miles driven. I came across you guys on a forum, to be exact, and it was actually interesting because it was a negative review that from a member that first had me notice your business. In that review the member posted a picture of his seat covers from you guys that had deteriorated rather quickly, and he was simply letting people know his results. All of a sudden in that thread, someone from your company took the time to not only make an account on the site, but to do what was right, and completely fixed the problem for that person. A+ customer service travels fast, and from that I was sold. I am one of those unfortunate people that absolutely hates other people working/touching or doing anything to my truck, I absolutely love that you guys sell the covers that we can put on ourselves. Following your videos on YouTube, it was honestly much simpler than I had even imagined, and It came out fantastic. The new foam you guys sold me, along with the covers revamps the entire feel of the truck to like the day it was made. There is no words that describe how that makes you feel each and every time you get into the truck, even threw some seat heaters in at the same time, and that was just an added bonus. I wasn’t even exactly ready to make the purchase the day I decided to stop into your store, however the employee that helped me was so nice and helpful, I really couldn’t resist taking the plunge. Most any place that involves vehicles these days just seems to try and take your money and give you the absolute cheapest product they can to make a quick buck, and to have the opposite experience and offers to help was astounding. I don’t remember the actual name of the employee, however my invoice has GB as the sales rep, so if he doesn’t read this, if you could pass it along I would greatly appreciate it. I now realize I’m writing a novel, but I just wanted to pass along my praises for a job well done. Thank you all for what you do, I will be returning soon to take care of the back seats, and hopefully when these wear out I can do it all over again. Its also not said often, but I have to give GM props for for once designing something that seems to make sense, and is a piece of cake to actually replace. Thank you all.


Before After 2 After


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Customer Review – Kathleen M.

Just wanted to let you know that you all did a fantastic job on the bottom seat cover for my 2004 Chevy Express.
You may remember it took a few tries to get me the correct cloth cover, but it was worth the wait.
You didn’t commit to matching the fabric — but YOU DID! It is exactly the same.
And I appreciated the “How to” videos. They helped a lot.
Thanks very much.

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Customer Review – Paul V.

To The Seat Shop –

Wanted to drop you a brief note of thanks to your team at The Seat Shop.
The workmanship from the skilled folks is extraordinary. Both seat bases are like new yet they blend in nicely with the original seat backs.

Thanks also for suggesting new foam for driver’s seat, that upgrade was the right call.

To my wife’s chagrin – the new seats have added years to the vehicle. I see no reason now to part ways with it.

Thanks again to your team – I’ll be sure to come back to you for other projects.

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