Automotive Leather Cleaning Tips: How Do I Clean My Seats?


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Leather Seat Cover Install on 1/5/2012

Here’s the deal…Today we installed new driver and passenger leather seat covers on a 2004 GMC Yukon.  We replaced just the bottom seat covers.  This happened to be the Shale interior associated with trim code 522.  The tops are 100% OEM, and is all we did was clean and condition them with Lexol leather conditioner.  After cleaning the seat top, the color match was great!!!  Here are some of the pictures from the install at The Seat Shop.



We spend a lot of time matching our leather so that our customers can replace whichever pieces are wearing out, so that the new leather seat covers match with the OEM interior.  If you need replacement leather seat covers for your truck or SUV, give us a call at 214-710-2565.  Thanks!

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12/1/11 The Seat Shop 2002 Yukon XL Leather Seat Cover Install

Here’s the deal…Today, The Seat Shop installed a new driver and passenger side replacement leather seat cover bottoms on a 2002 GMC Yukon XL.  This interior was the Shale Leather with Neutral Trim.  The bottom seat covers in this Yukon XL were the only leather covers that were severely worn.  The Seat Shop provides replacement leather seat covers that match the original interior, enabling you to replace only the worn out leather pieces.  The seat top cover in these pictures are 100% original OEM, just cleaned using The Seat Shop’s cleaning method.  To check out how we clean the original leather seat covers, check out The Seat Shop’s homepage at  Here are the before and after pictures of today’s install. 

The 2002 GMC Yukon XL Before:


Keep in mind, The Seat Shop specializes in Replacement Leather Seat covers for Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, and Lincoln full size trucks and SUV’s.  If you have any questions about leather seat covers for your vehicle, please feel free to give us a call at 214-710-2565, or check out our new vehicle selector at


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2003 Ford Excursion Replacement Leather Seat Cover – Before and After Pics!!!

Here’s the deal…Yesterday, we did a driver bottom and arm rest replacement leather install on a 2003 Excursion Limited with the Medium Parchment interior.  These before and after pictures will show you how well our replacement leather seat covers match with the OEM interiors.  We guarantee the covers to match with the original factory color pallet.  You will most likely need to clean your leather seats to get the shine off of the leather.  You can see the wear and shine on the seat top in the first picture.  Once we replaced the seat bottom leather, we cleaned the original factory top to get rid of this shine.  You can definitely notice the difference.  Check out the befrore and after pictures!!!

Original OEM Seat when it arived at The Seat Shop:

The same seat with The Seat Shop Replacement Leather Seat covers:

Again, this is the OEM seat top with a new leather replacement cover from The Seat Shop.  Our covers do not slip-on over the seat covers.  They are 100% replacements.  Please give us a call if you have any questions about your Ford or GMC Truck or SUV!


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Leather Seat Covers – The Difference Between Cleaned and Uncleaned Leather

Here’s the deal…One of the most common questions we get here at The Seat Shop, is how well our covers will match up with the existing factory leather.  Color match is probably the most important characteristic of our covers.  We spend hours inspecting and matching our leather hides to the original OEM colors.

Any cover that is not up to our standards will not leave here to just “fill” an order.  However, an uncleaned seat can be the biggest problem with our covers initially not matching up with OEM leather.  Most of our customers have had between 5-10 years of wear on their seats, and most of them do not take great care of the leather.

An uncleaned, dirty seat can have a great deal of sheen built up on it, giving the leather a shiny, darker appearance.  The picture below is of an install we did here at the shop a few months ago.  We were replacing the driver and passenger seat bottoms on a 2002 Ford F250.  The left top is the passenger side which I had already cleaned.  When I set it back down to grab the driver’s side top to clean, this is what I saw:


These two tops are out of the same vehicle and had the same amount of wear on them (minus the tear in the driver’s side).  The color and sheen were identical to each other before one of them was cleaned.  To see exactly how we clean leather, please check out this video to help you ensure a perfect color match with your new cover.

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Chevy Tahoe Leather Seat Cover Installation

Here’s the deal…Today we did a 2003 – 2006 Chevy Tahoe leather seat cover replacement installation.

Here are the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ Install pics for a 03-06 Chevy drivers bottom leather seat cover:






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