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We often get asked if we have wholesale or fleet accounts and the answer is YES! We love partnering with upholstery shops and having good ones in our network to refer our customers to for installation. Today we have a testimonial from Melissa at Always Wright Auto Trim in Carrollton, GA.”As a 31yr upholstery

“As a 31yr upholstery veteran, I can attest to the quality and fit of seat shop covers and foam. Brian, Garrett, Raul and all the guys are customer oriented, serious about delivering a quality product, and a pleasure to deal with. They also really listen to an experienced pro when a rare issue has occurred with a product- this is UNHEARD OF with every other major mfg.  with most u get what they send-period. they are serious about furnishing a quality product. I love this since this is my main objective as well. If u are gonna DIY- buy the foam cushion! There are things I can do to repair and fortify your old foam that u are not set up to do. The ability to buy pieces ala carte cheaper than factory plus get many models discontinued by factory is great. Most other mfg of quality covers only offer a complete set of seats when most often only the drivers seat is needed. Kudos guys. Great products! I welcome customers to bring me your covers to install but it is smarter and a lil cheaper if u let me order it. This absolves u from any problems that may arise due to issues u may not be aware of in your particular vehicle.”

So if you are in the Carrollton, GA area make sure you pay Always Wright a visit and get your seat covers ordered and installed today. Also check out their FaceBook Page here for some great before and afters! 

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