Automotive Leather Cleaning Tips: How Do I Clean My Seats?

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Customer Feedback from Will in SC. 6/4/2015

Review from Will in SC!
To whom it may concern:
I have just completed my second purchase and installation of a GM truck leather driver seat bottom and arm rest. I must tell you that the shipping speed, quality of the product, and relative ease of installation are exceptional…well done.
I made extensive use of the video instructions for my 99 Silverado and my 05 Avalanche, and with a fair amount of care to figure out the intricacies of each quick connect, the install went just as described…actually sort of fun. The end result is showroom quality.
I also was able to use the recommendation of scrubbing bubbles to clean the other leather back to close to new shape.
Finally, while not experiencing it during the first arm rest install, this most recent time I did in fact drop the clip down into the seat…gone forever so it seems. But the tip to use a medium binder clip to fashion a new one worked like a charm…well sort of, I actully dropped one of these down in there too, but the second one went where it was supposed to go and the armrest seems locked in.
Again, Very impressed with your service and product and instructions. Thank you again and best regards in the future.

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