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Great Customer Review!

John B. from Norman, OK wrote us and sent us some before and after pictures. Check it out!


“Guys, my Yukon has been a fantastic vehicle for the last 11 years and 260,000 miles – doesn’t use a drop of oil and runs great.  Unfortunately 260,000 hard miles and my backside getting in and out of it left the front seats in terrible condition.  I finally decided to do something about it – I retired in January so I have more time to obsess about such things.  I looked at auto yards, I talked to several upholstery outfits, and did a bunch of research online.  I stumbled across you folks and after chatting with one of you – I think it was Brian initially – I placed an order for both front seat kits and pad for the driver side.


I don’t work on cars very much so frankly I was a little apprehensive, but I watched you videos (a couple of times and then periodically during the work).  It went just fine.  I wanted to thank you VERY much for your help.  I started yesterday late afternoon and had a question about the electrical, which Stephen helped me with….  A bit late I had one other question (electrical connections) and Brian gave me his cell phone and said call him if I had any problems.  THAT is customer service.  I managed to get finished without incident and got everything back together… I think it looks WONDERFUL!


….and I DIDN’T have to tie-wrap a lawn chair in and bring the car down to you all for help!  🙂


Stephen asked for some photos… I’m attaching a couple of before and after photos of the passenger side, which I did first.  Email #2 is the driver side.


Again, THANK YOU – the material is awesome, your videos were extremely helpful – I wouldn’t have tried it without them, and most of all I appreciate your customer service and willingness to help personally.  I’d recommend you all in a heartbeat.  I also appreciate the story about how you started and built up the company.”

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