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Customer Feedback 7/23/2014

Here’s the deal…

“Good news, the  seat cover arrived last week in great condition and it was installed today locally.  Great job, the fit and finish is superb.  You’ve made a convert out of me and I’m showing it off to everyone,  especially my 20 y.o. son who is driving this 2000 Suburban back and forth to California for school with 210,000 miles on it.  It was really DUE for a  new seat at least.”

Dave P.
Wenatchee, WA

Thanks for the feedback Dave.  We are happy to hear that the cover fit like a glove, and you were able to put a new face lift on your 210k mile Suburban.  Thanks for taking the time to send us a great email, and we appreciate you showing the cover off to everyone!

Hunter Swindell
The Seat Shop

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