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Customer Feedback on The Guardian 3rd Row Seat Lock 10/24/2013

Here’s the deal…

“Just wanted to let you know your Guardian 3rd Row Seat Lock saved my seats from being stolen!!  I had The Guardian plus a steel cable/padlock on the 3rd Row Seats in my ’07 GMC Yukon XL.  The steel cable/padlock combo is gone, but The Guardian held fast.  My seats had been stolen twice before – nevermore!”


THAT IS AWESOME TO HEAR GIL!!!  HECK YES!  This is exactly why we invented this lock, and nothing pleases us more than screwing up those thugs plans.  Nothing makes me more angrier than when something that I own is stolen.  I’m so happy to hear that you still have your seats, and the thieves walked away with nothing.  Thanks for letting us know, all the guys at the shop were thrilled to hear the news.

Thanks again!

Matt Verhalen
The Seat Shop

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