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Customer Feedback 9/3/2013

Here’s the deal…

“I just wanted to tell you and you probably already know this: My new seat cushion bottom and driver seat coverings with armrest are KICK-ASS wonderful!  It’s like a new truck.  I have only done the drivers side and will do the passenger side tomorrow, I am glad I decided to replace the cushion on the passenger side also.  That foam seems to be broken down also, I will let you know how that goes.  It took a little figuring on how things came apart, due to the fact someone else replaced my seats back a while ago with Katzkins.  Your fit and finish blows them away!  They actually glued the seat bottom and part of the seat back, my truck was bought new and my detail guy damaged my seats and I had someone else install new covers, due to the fact they owed me $$$$.  This will give me faith that I can restore, this truck back to almost new with the interior coming together and a comfortable ride without my rear getting sore and feeling like I am riding on the floor board.  Great job!  It may not mean much to you, but it means a lot to me”

MER Performance Marine 

Little River, SC

Thanks for the feedback Mark!  I know you and Brian have been working together for some time on your interior, and I’m glad it’s working out!  It really means a lot to us that you’re so happy with your new interior.  These type of stories are why we do what we do, and we LOVE to hear them!  I know Brian is really excited about getting that speed prop for his Baja.  I think he was on the lake last week doing some of the tests you recommended.  If anyone needs any performance parts for their boat, we’ll always recommend you and MER Performance Marine!


Thanks again!

Matt Verhalen
The Seat Shop

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