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Customer Feedback 5/7/2013

Here’s the deal…

“I can not tell you how happy I am with your company.  I purchased a bottom seat for a 97 Suburban, watched your video and did the job myself.  Took me about an hour since I was making sure I did every step the way you showed on your video.  It turned out great and I am so happy I found your company.  I waited some time before I wrote this email because I wanted to see how things held up over time.  I can say not, I believe your product is better than factory.  I sure will be doing business with you in the future and also giving you props when friends ask.  Thanks again for doing an awesome job on the product.”



Thanks for the feedback Jim!!!  We are so pleased everything is working well for you and congrats on the successful install!  We sure appreciate you taking the time to write us, all the guys at the shop love to hear from our customers and it makes our day when we hear a story like this.

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