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Customer Feedback 11/12/2012

Here’s the deal…

“Just wanted to send you guys a thank you for your product.  I purchased both the top and bottom skins for my 2002 F350 and they fit exactly as showed in your videos.    They helped lots I’m sure that we would have figured it out but it did make it easier and knew what to expect.  The price was very reasonable and they look great.  Now for a couple suggestion, I’m sure that you’ll love to hear this, but what we found was that the hog ring tool worked well but it needs to have longer handles, I know it was cheap but just a suggestion. Next is those plastic clips that hold on the trim were nearly impossible to find where I live.  Our Home Depot didn’t have anything and we don’t have a Lowes. Our local Ford dearler would have to order them and I didn’t even ask the price.  So I though you should offer them with the seats.  Anyway thanks for your product and I will tell anyone I know that need some where to find them. Thanks.”


Flagstaff, AZ

Thanks for the feedback Mike!  Glad to hear that the covers installed nicely.  We will talk to the hog ring plier manufacturer to see what we can do about lengthening the handles.  I will also talk to Ford to see if we can order the plastic push tabs in bulk.  We do break them every so often here at our shop, so we are familiar with what you are talking about.  Thanks again for the compliment, as well as the suggestions.  We love hearing from everyone.

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