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Customer Feedback 7/27/2012…

Here’s the deal…

“Just to let you know…. the seat installation on my GMC yukon 1999 went very well, i’m pleased with the outcome.  At first glance i thought that omg this new one is not configured correctly for my seat the way the original one went on, but then i quickly saw the wisdom of your design and it worked out fine.  As you know i had trouble with my seat frame, it was broken and a corner missing.  I was able to fabricate a piece of sheet metal so the power frame could attach, using… are you ready?  Pop rivets.  Pop rivets worked really well to secure a new frame piece.  Thumbs up it looks great and now the seat feels solid and doesnt lift on a corner, in addition to having nice new leather for a badly worn driver’s seat.”


Phoenix, AX

Thanks for the feedback Scott!  We are glad to hear that the covers went on well for you.  The 95-99 Chevy/GMC seat frames are notorious for breaking welds underneath and “rocking.”  Great idea on how to fix the frame!  Hopefully this will help out some of our other customers in the future.  Thanks again!  If you have any questions about replacement leather seat covers for Ford/GM trucks and SUV’s, please feel free to give us a call at 214-710-2565, or visit us online at

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