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Is your foam cushion completely worn out?

Here’s the deal…

Hey this is Brian with The Seat Shop and we are talking about foam today on a 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe. This is the same foam as the 2000 Tahoe, 2001 Tahoe and the 2000 Chevy Pickup, 2001 Chevy Pickup and 2002 Chevrolet Pickup. The side bolster always gets “hammered” from years of sliding in and out of the truck and becomes flat as a pancake. When you barely push down on this leather seat, the foam gives no resistance and you can basically push all the way down to the metal frame. If your foam looks similar to this, you need to replace your foam cushion at the same time you replace the torn leather seat covers. If your foam cushion looks like this and you don’t replace it at the time you replace your worn out leather seat covers with the new leather seat cover you get from The Seat Shop, you will be right back where you started within one years time. The good news is we do carry all the foam cushions for these vehicles and they can be purchased on our website.

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