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Chevy/GMC Trim Code Identification

This post is to help you identify the color of leather that is in your vehicle.  The picture below is of a sticker located in the glove box of all Chevy/GMC Trucks and SUV’s.  You are looking for a 3 digit code where the below sticker is circled.  This 3 digit code will stand alone and will be on the bottom of the sticker that is closest to you when you open the glove box.  This is what the sticker looks like:


This vehicle has trim code 922.  For a breakdown of all the trim codes, and possible colors of leather for 00-02 Chevy/GMC vehicles, please click here.  For 03-06 Chevy/GMC vehicles, please click here.  These videos should walk you through every possible leather color.  If you are having trouble identifying your trim code and leather color, please feel free to give us a call with the VIN number.

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