Automotive Leather Cleaning Tips: How Do I Clean My Seats?

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Some of the damn-finest customer service I have ever received…

Dear Mr. Verhalen:

I recently ordered a seat cover from The Seat Shop for my truck, and unfortunately received the wrong color of leather, so I called and spoke with Mr. Hunter Swindell.  Mr. Swindell immediately and proactively began the process of making this right.  After a bit of research on his part, he was able to determine that I had an unusual color of leather and informed me that he would obtain the correct color leather and make me the the correct cover.  I had several interactions with Mr. Swindell throughout this process and found him to be exceptionally professional and expedient with excellent communication – the absolute embodiment of what customer service should be!  I have never been more pleased at the end of a transaction, as I am of this one.  Allow me to congratulate you, Mr. Verhalen, on an outstanding employee in Hunter Swindell and on some of the damn-finest customer service I have ever received.  I will most certainly be recommending The Seat Shop to everyone I know.  Keep up the good work!

Nathanial, Santa Barbara, CA

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