Why should I replace my foam?

Check out our newest video highlighting why you should replace your foam! Foam can wear out quickly and its important to replace to stay comfortable during your commute and keep your leather in a nice taut state.

Garrett Bishop – E-Commerce Specialist

Born in Houston and raised in Carrollton, Garrett is a Texas native and a huge Houston Texans fan. After getting married at 18, and amidst the 2008 job crisis, he embarked in several career paths that lead him into social and online marketing. He and his wife Courtney co-own a YouTube channel called GnCBishop. Towards the end of 2014, The Seat Shop begin preparing to transform a portion of their manufacturing process and begin using a Gerber automated cutting machine. Hunter was charged with leading this new division and we found ourselves in need of a new eCommerce Specialist. After a brief search the “stars aligned” and Matt and Brian met Garrett. Over the next few weeks the Verhalen brothers continued to learn more and more about Garrett, and after each meeting their initial impressions were validated. He was the right person to add to our team.
Garrett joined us in December of 2014, making him the newest member on our ever growing team. Garrett has a passion for online marketing and brings with him a wealth of knowledge in this area. His “Customer First,” attitude and willingness to adapt and learn has served him well here at The Seat Shop. He has been learning our very detailed product line in record speed, even answering client phone calls after being here only two weeks.

Garrett is responsible for our entire eCommerce presence including theseatshop.com, eBay and Amazon. He manages The Seat Shop blog, social media outlets (Youtube, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter) and is responsible for pre and post video production for The Seat Shop’s Installation Video Series and Interior Corner informational series. Garrett’s “can do” attitude and ability to work at high intensity levels for sustained periods of time has quickly made him a very valuable asset to our team.

Lexol… For more than just Seats

Here’s the deal… We always recommend  that our customers condition and clean your leather. We found no better product than the Leather Care Kit made by Lexol. Our Lexol leather conditioner replenishes the oils that keep leather soft and supple, restoring its beauty and prolonging fiber life. Our leather care kit includes (1) 8 oz Lexol Leather Cleaner, (1) 8 oz Lexol Leather Conditioner, and (1) 2 pk Lexol Applicator Sponges. All for just $9.99 at theseatshop.com. This works with everything from your automotive leather, to boots, jackets, or anything that has genuine leather. Be sure to invite friends and family to like our FaceBook page to stay up to date on all our products here at The Seat Shop.

Growing… and FAST!

Happy Tuesday to all of our Seat Shoppers out there! We are always researching and developing new products. If you don’t see the products you are looking for on our site, feel free to email us at sales@theseatshop.com and we can tell you whether or not we carry that product, or if it will be available soon! There is always something new here at The Seat Shop. Don’t go another day with a worn out seat and cushion, get it replaced ASAP and make that morning commute more enjoyable! Visit our site at theseatshop.com and invite your friends to like us on Facebook here http://goo.gl/NkdYQE and Twitter here http://goo.gl/JDlAay! Warehouse Shopped

Back Pain?

Does your back hurt? Replacing an old foam cushion can really improve posture and help relieve back pain caused from a worn out support cushion. Check out this awesome review from Rick Blalock at Active Family Chiropracticlower-back-pain1ic. – “As a chiropractor, I highly recommend that you replace your worn out seat foam as it will cause unleveling in the pelvis and lower back. I replaced my Navigator’s seat foam today and am blown away at how horrible the old seat was. I knew it was bad, but it’s worth every penny for your spine… and your seat cover too..”

Thanks Rick for your awesome review and advice to our customers. Check out our products at theseatshop.com or click here http://goo.gl/M4mywx

Worried About Your Seats Matching? Don’t…

Factory Match GuaranteeBeforeAfter_Homepage_Pic_2_5
At The Seat Shop all of our leather seat covers are guaranteed to match the original color pallet of the vehicle’s OEM interior.

NOTE!! Please watch our cleaning video and follow those instructions in order to ensure a good color match. Leather acquires a shine or sheen to it over time do to human oils, dirt, etc. Leather naturally has a “flat mat” finish. If you do not clean your OEM seats, they will not match a brand new leather seat cover.

After you clean your seats, if you are unhappy with the color match for any reason, please give us a call. We will do whatever we can to troubleshoot the problem and come to a resolution.

Just know that you are never stuck with a product from our company that you don’t like. You are always welcome to return your cover to us for a refund according to our return policy.


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Save Money… A Lot of Money

Here’s the deal… Did you know that the list price for a 2006 Chevy Silverado Seat Bottom is close to $500, not including labor? What if we told you that for that price, you could not only replace your seat bottom, but the cushion underneath? But let’s go deeper and add in a seat heater, a new arm rest cover, and a Lexol Leather Care Kit to extend the life of your new covers. Sounds crazy right? Well you can get all that at theseatshop.com and STILL save $50. The list doesn’t stop at just Chevrolet; we have an amazing selection of makes and models to suit your needs. Here at The Seat Shop we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and helping you save money! Check out all our amazing products at www.theseatshop.com and be sure to like us on Facebook (click here)  and follow us on Twitter (click here) to stay tuned for new products rolling out and new ways to save!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!!

Here’s the deal…The Seat Shop will have a sale on our full front kits from Friday, November 28 through Monday, December 1.  The full front row price will be $649.  Also, all DuroFoam replacement foam cushions will be $80.  Please visit the website from November 28 – December 1 for this deal!

2014 SEMA Show Has Started!!!

Here’s the deal…The 2014 SEMA show has started in Las Vegas, NV.  The Seat Shop is in booth 12767!  If anyone is at the show, come by and check us out!  We would love to show our new products and talk to anyone about our factory match replacement leather seat covers for trucks and SUV’s.


Customer Install Pictures 9-23-14

Here’s the deal…Below are some before and pictures that one of our customers sent in of his 2004 Chevy Tahoe driver bottom replacement leather seat cover.  The install looks great!





















Joseph C.
Baldwin, NY 

Thanks for the pictures Jospeh!  The install work looks very nice.  We are glad to hear that everything went smoothly and you are please with the new leather seat cover.  Thanks again!

Hunter Swindell
The Seat Shop