Back Pain?

Does your back hurt? Replacing an old foam cushion can really improve posture and help relieve back pain caused from a worn out support cushion. Check out this awesome review from Rick Blalock at Active Family Chiropracticlower-back-pain1ic. – “As a chiropractor, I highly recommend that you replace your worn out seat foam as it will cause unleveling in the pelvis and lower back. I replaced my Navigator’s seat foam today and am blown away at how horrible the old seat was. I knew it was bad, but it’s worth every penny for your spine… and your seat cover too..”

Thanks Rick for your awesome review and advice to our customers. Check out our products at or click here

Worried About Your Seats Matching? Don’t…

Factory Match GuaranteeBeforeAfter_Homepage_Pic_2_5
At The Seat Shop all of our leather seat covers are guaranteed to match the original color pallet of the vehicle’s OEM interior.

NOTE!! Please watch our cleaning video and follow those instructions in order to ensure a good color match. Leather acquires a shine or sheen to it over time do to human oils, dirt, etc. Leather naturally has a “flat mat” finish. If you do not clean your OEM seats, they will not match a brand new leather seat cover.

After you clean your seats, if you are unhappy with the color match for any reason, please give us a call. We will do whatever we can to troubleshoot the problem and come to a resolution.

Just know that you are never stuck with a product from our company that you don’t like. You are always welcome to return your cover to us for a refund according to our return policy.


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Save Money… A Lot of Money

Here’s the deal… Did you know that the list price for a 2006 Chevy Silverado Seat Bottom is close to $500, not including labor? What if we told you that for that price, you could not only replace your seat bottom, but the cushion underneath? But let’s go deeper and add in a seat heater, a new arm rest cover, and a Lexol Leather Care Kit to extend the life of your new covers. Sounds crazy right? Well you can get all that at and STILL save $50. The list doesn’t stop at just Chevrolet; we have an amazing selection of makes and models to suit your needs. Here at The Seat Shop we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and helping you save money! Check out all our amazing products at and be sure to like us on Facebook (click here)  and follow us on Twitter (click here) to stay tuned for new products rolling out and new ways to save!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!!

Here’s the deal…The Seat Shop will have a sale on our full front kits from Friday, November 28 through Monday, December 1.  The full front row price will be $649.  Also, all DuroFoam replacement foam cushions will be $80.  Please visit the website from November 28 – December 1 for this deal!

2014 SEMA Show Has Started!!!

Here’s the deal…The 2014 SEMA show has started in Las Vegas, NV.  The Seat Shop is in booth 12767!  If anyone is at the show, come by and check us out!  We would love to show our new products and talk to anyone about our factory match replacement leather seat covers for trucks and SUV’s.


Customer Install Pictures 9-23-14

Here’s the deal…Below are some before and pictures that one of our customers sent in of his 2004 Chevy Tahoe driver bottom replacement leather seat cover.  The install looks great!





















Joseph C.
Baldwin, NY 

Thanks for the pictures Jospeh!  The install work looks very nice.  We are glad to hear that everything went smoothly and you are please with the new leather seat cover.  Thanks again!

Hunter Swindell
The Seat Shop

Customer Feedback 9/9/2014

Here’s the deal…

“The Seat Shop, Seat Covers are AWESOME!!!  Thanks so much for your product and videos.  If I wouldn’t have seen your video I might not have realized that I could change the covers myself.

 Thanks again,”

 Jeff L.
 Nashville, IL

Thanks for the email Jeff.  We are glad to hear that everything went smoothly and the new covers are great!  Also, we are glad that you were able to watch the video and do it yourself with ease.  Let us know if we can help with anything in the future.  Thanks again.

Hunter Swindell
The Seat Shop

Customer Feedback 8/26/2014

Here’s the deal…

“Hey Guys -
Installed the seat bottom in my 2004 Tahoe Z71 – looks great and is a perfect match!  It is also good to have some support in the drivers seat.  It feels like new again!  Thanks.”

Dan S.
Freehold, NJ

Thanks for the great comments Dan!  We are glad to hear that the cover is a perfect match.  A new foam cushion makes an enormous difference, and we are glad that it feels like new again.  Thanks again.

Hunter Swindell
The Seat Shop

Customer Feedback 8/19/14

Here’s the deal…

“Put the new seat bottom in and Looks Great!  Your on line instructions were perfect.  Thanks.”

Terry D.
Donahue, IA

Thanks for the feedback Terry!  Good to hear that the new driver bottom looks great, and that the videos were a big help.  Let us know if we can do anything else for you in the future.  Thanks again.

Hunter Swindell
The Seat Shop

Customer Feedback 8/14/2014

Here’s the deal…

“I spoke with one of the guys on the phone yesterday regarding how happy I am with my new leather seat covers and DS seat bottom cushion.  I also mentioned that I was going to post in my web forum about how pleased I am with TSS, so here is the link to the thread I started yesterday.  Perhaps it will bring you some additional business.

Thanks again.”

Charles C.
Birmingham, AL 

Thanks for the great feedback Charles!  We are happy to hear that the new leather covers worked out great for you.  Also, we really appreciate you taking the time to post a thread on the covers!  Thanks again.

Hunter Swindell
The Seat Shop