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Customer Feedback from Dave

“Just finished installing the duro foam in the drivers seat of my wife’s 1999 Silverado. The process was straight forward like your videos. I was concerned about breaking the plastic clips that hold the seat cover on with the truck being so old but everything went smooth. Good thing I removed the seat, my frame was cracked so out comes the mig welder, in a snap we’re in business again. Foam, cover, seat installed. Feels great driving again. Sitting up high and not in a hole. Thanks seat shop!”

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Customer Feedback from Laszlo in Florida

Hi guys!

I just want to let you know I am very satisfied with cushion and leather seat cover.
When I have a big bucket of money again I will get the other parts of the seat.
Thank you

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Customer Feedback from Joe – 8/17/2015


Received your voice mail Saturday and immediately pulled the seat (I had already re-installed the old seat cover and put the seat back in the Tahoe). Worked like a charm! I’ve watched your install video at least a half dozen times and missed that bit about the additional twist… my bad. That little paper you mentioned would have helped… being an old mechanic, I compare the new part with the old part and if there’s a difference assume there’s a problem.
Very impressed with the product and even more impressed with your customer service and follow up… did not expect such a speedy response to my troubles. I will not hesitate to recommend your shop and product to others.



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Customer Feedback from Joe in Arizona – 8/17/2015

“… Very impressed with the product and even more impressed with your customer service and follow up… did not expect such a speedy response to my troubles. I will not hesitate to recommend your shop and product to others.” Before and After Pics on our facebook page.

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Customer Feedback from Doug in Indiana – 7/27/2015

“Hey – your product is perfect. 2006 Tahoe drivers side – dealt with it for years – fixed it in 2 hrs and it look perfect. Your videos are great. Wanted to say thanks, great product.
I bought this car new and plan to restore for another 150,000 miles!
You will get all my interior business. perfect fit, color match, delivery, and value.”

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Customer Feedback from Will in SC. 6/4/2015

Review from Will in SC!
To whom it may concern:
I have just completed my second purchase and installation of a GM truck leather driver seat bottom and arm rest. I must tell you that the shipping speed, quality of the product, and relative ease of installation are exceptional…well done.
I made extensive use of the video instructions for my 99 Silverado and my 05 Avalanche, and with a fair amount of care to figure out the intricacies of each quick connect, the install went just as described…actually sort of fun. The end result is showroom quality.
I also was able to use the recommendation of scrubbing bubbles to clean the other leather back to close to new shape.
Finally, while not experiencing it during the first arm rest install, this most recent time I did in fact drop the clip down into the seat…gone forever so it seems. But the tip to use a medium binder clip to fashion a new one worked like a charm…well sort of, I actully dropped one of these down in there too, but the second one went where it was supposed to go and the armrest seems locked in.
Again, Very impressed with your service and product and instructions. Thank you again and best regards in the future.

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Customer Feedback – 2006 Chevy Silverado – 12/31/2015

“Hey Guys,
I purchased the bottom cover, and foam for my 06 Chevy Silverado 2500HD. Install videos were extremely helpful and made cutting was a breeze; just take a little off at a time. It took me about 3 hours from start to finish and when I do the passenger side it will take me a lot less. Truck looks (and feels) great! I bought the cleaner and cleaned the top section and the match is spot on even on a 9 year old truck.
Thanks again,

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Customer Feedback 12/21/2015

“Great company. Excellent quality and two amazingly nice owners. Always a great experience dealing with The Seat Shop!”

Dallas, TX

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Customer Feedback 12/12/2015

” I just wanted to write this letter and let you know how much I appreciate your working with me to get my seat looking just as the factory seat. You and your crew there have been VERY helpful and I appreciate everything that you have done to make this a pleasant experience. I would definitely purchase from you again. Thanks again


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SEMA Show review from 11/18/2015

If your auto upholstery shop does a lot of repair work or caters to fleet services, then you need to check out The Seat Shop — which manufactures leather and vinyl replacement seat covers and foam cushions for most General Motors, Dodge and Ford trucks and SUVs.

After speaking with co-owner Brian Verhalen over the phone a few weeks back, we decided to stop by their booth at the 2014 SEMA Show to see first-hand what their products are like. Boy were we impressed!

The replacement seat covers they manufacture are as close to OEM as possible — they use the same materials, grains, colors and patterns. But you don’t need to worry about that or ever look at material swatches again, because ordering from The Seat Shop is as easy as reading them a VIN number over the phone. Based solely on that information they know exactly what you need.

Best of all, The Seat Shop’s covers are sold the same way seats wear out: piece by piece. So if all you need is the driver-side base cover, that’s all you have to order.

They even manufacture their own replacement foam cushions — which are priced low enough to seriously consider never repairing one again. (Or at least avoiding it when you can!)

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to The Seat Shop’s booth until Thursday — just missing Brian, who had returned to Dallas, Texas, to hold down the fort. However, we did get a chance to meet co-owner Matt Verhalen and wholesale accounts manager Justin Horsley, two down-to-earth guys who are very knowledgeable about our industry and clearly have a passion for the craft.

The guys showed us around the booth and let us check out samples of their seat covers, including some of the more rare ones, such as the Ford King Ranch. We were definitely impressed with their products’ fit and finish, and stayed long after the show ended to talk shop and exchange ideas on how to strengthen the industry as a whole.

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