2000-2002 Lincoln Navigator Driver Bottom Install


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The Seat Shop
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C-ACA-09-BR-BUCKOk so, Here’s the Deal… We have just released new vehicle lines including GMC Acadias, Acadia Denalis, Buick Enclaves, and RAM 1500, 2500 and 3500 covers! Browse our new product lines now!

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Customer Review – Paul V.

To The Seat Shop –

Wanted to drop you a brief note of thanks to your team at The Seat Shop.
The workmanship from the skilled folks is extraordinary. Both seat bases are like new yet they blend in nicely with the original seat backs.

Thanks also for suggesting new foam for driver’s seat, that upgrade was the right call.

To my wife’s chagrin – the new seats have added years to the vehicle. I see no reason now to part ways with it.

Thanks again to your team – I’ll be sure to come back to you for other projects.

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Andrew Hunt – Director of Sales and R&D

Andrew was born and raised in Texas about 20 minutes from The Seat Shop.  He’s been friends and high school buddies with the Seat Shop owners for over 20 years.  Andrew has always enjoyed sports.   He was the lacrosse captain for his high school team and went on to play at the University of Texas at Dallas.  He has always loved Lacrosse and is currently teaching his son’s to play.  Andrew has a true passion for the Automotive Industry.  He has always been a “hand’s-on” kind of guy and enjoyed fixing/modifying his own trucks throughout the years.  He shares this passion with his Dad, and has fond memories of the two of them cleaning and working on cars.  His Dad taught him a lot about the automotive world, and Andrew was eager to learn.


Andrew began his professional career working at Truck Magic, a truck accessories company located in Plano TX.   It wasn’t long before the owner saw Andrew’s passion for the industry and his unique ability to genuinely connect with his customers.  In his early 20’s Andrew began managing the company.  He was able to grow Truck Magic to the point where major players in the industry began to notice the small company.  Soon 4 Wheel Parts acquired the company and they asked Andrew to help open and run their new Plano location.


After about 4 years in the auto aftermarket world he decided to transition into the family business of Mortgage.  He was consistently a President’s Counsel top performer and was promoted through the ranks quickly.  He went on to manage several mortgage companies in the DFW area including the number 2 direct lender in the nation.  His people skills allowed him to build lasting relationships with his clients, coworkers and team.  Having worked in these environments he understands deadlines, pressure, sales, and leadership.  He always talks about how much he believes in servant leadership and is always willing to roll up his sleeves and get dirty with the team!


As The Seat Shop was continuing to grow at a rapid pace, Matt and Brian found themselves in desperate need of someone to take over and expand their R&D department.  They also have been preparing to enter into the Fleet Services industry and needed a Director of Sales that had the ability to target C Level clients and sell our Fleet Interior Solutions.  Andrew and Matt have always talked about working together again and have been waiting for the right time.  In July of 2015 the timing clicked.  He was exactly what The Seat Shop needed, and vice versa.  Andrew shares our belief in caring for our customers and treating each of them as a friend.  His industry knowledge and his internal drive to be the best made Andrew a “quick study” around here.  We are excited he’s part of The Seat Shop family, and look forward to him growing The Seat Shop’s product lines as well as our sales department.

Andrew currently lives in Allen, TX with his wife Jenny and son’s Parker and Hudson.


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Here we are Seat Shoppers! Cyber Monday deal is in full swing. Today and today ONLY 11/30/2015 – We have all full front rows discounted $99 off. Have questions? Chat with us in the bottom right hand corner or call 214-710-2565!

Cyber Monday Special

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Garrett Bishop – E-Commerce Specialist

Born in Houston and raised in Carrollton, Garrett is a Texas native and a huge Houston Texans fan. After getting married at 18, and amidst the 2008 job crisis, he embarked in several career paths that lead him into social and online marketing. He and his wife Courtney co-own a YouTube channel called GnCBishop. Towards the end of 2014, The Seat Shop begin preparing to transform a portion of their manufacturing process and begin using a Gerber automated cutting machine. Hunter was charged with leading this new division and we found ourselves in need of a new eCommerce Specialist. After a brief search the “stars aligned” and Matt and Brian met Garrett. Over the next few weeks the Verhalen brothers continued to learn more and more about Garrett, and after each meeting their initial impressions were validated. He was the right person to add to our team.
Garrett joined us in December of 2014, making him the newest member on our ever growing team. Garrett has a passion for online marketing and brings with him a wealth of knowledge in this area. His “Customer First,” attitude and willingness to adapt and learn has served him well here at The Seat Shop. He has been learning our very detailed product line in record speed, even answering client phone calls after being here only two weeks.

Garrett is responsible for our entire eCommerce presence including theseatshop.com, eBay and Amazon. He manages The Seat Shop blog, social media outlets (Youtube, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter) and is responsible for pre and post video production for The Seat Shop’s Installation Video Series and Interior Corner informational series. Garrett’s “can do” attitude and ability to work at high intensity levels for sustained periods of time has quickly made him a very valuable asset to our team.

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Lexol… For more than just Seats

Here’s the deal… We always recommend  that our customers condition and clean your leather. We found no better product than the Leather Care Kit made by Lexol. Our Lexol leather conditioner replenishes the oils that keep leather soft and supple, restoring its beauty and prolonging fiber life. Our leather care kit includes (1) 8 oz Lexol Leather Cleaner, (1) 8 oz Lexol Leather Conditioner, and (1) 2 pk Lexol Applicator Sponges. All for just $9.99 at theseatshop.com. This works with everything from your automotive leather, to boots, jackets, or anything that has genuine leather. Be sure to invite friends and family to like our FaceBook page to stay up to date on all our products here at The Seat Shop.

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Growing… and FAST!

Happy Tuesday to all of our Seat Shoppers out there! We are always researching and developing new products. If you don’t see the products you are looking for on our site, feel free to email us at sales@theseatshop.com and we can tell you whether or not we carry that product, or if it will be available soon! There is always something new here at The Seat Shop. Don’t go another day with a worn out seat and cushion, get it replaced ASAP and make that morning commute more enjoyable! Visit our site at theseatshop.com and invite your friends to like us on Facebook here http://goo.gl/NkdYQE and Twitter here http://goo.gl/JDlAay! Warehouse Shopped

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Back Pain?

Does your back hurt? Replacing an old foam cushion can really improve posture and help relieve back pain caused from a worn out support cushion. Check out this awesome review from Rick Blalock at Active Family Chiropracticlower-back-pain1ic. – “As a chiropractor, I highly recommend that you replace your worn out seat foam as it will cause unleveling in the pelvis and lower back. I replaced my Navigator’s seat foam today and am blown away at how horrible the old seat was. I knew it was bad, but it’s worth every penny for your spine… and your seat cover too..”

Thanks Rick for your awesome review and advice to our customers. Check out our products at theseatshop.com or click here http://goo.gl/M4mywx

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