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Can a defective product still get you a 5 star rating?


So I have a 2002 F350 Lariat. I ordered OEM leather/vinyl after watching YouTube videos and reading reviews. There was many choices but I chose the seat shop for my OEM needs. The cost was $741 I believe. What I needed was not in stock, so I had to wait i think about 2 weeks for production and shipping, which was perfectly fine and understandable. The covers for seat backs/bottoms arrived and looked great. I had them installed professionally. When I picked them up I asked my upholstery guy what he thought of the quality compared to original and competitors. He showed me on the drivers seat where a few stitches were missed. Also the perforations run at an angle instead of parallel with the stitch, like factory. The last thing was the bottom for the center seat is not as tight as it used to be (baggy look.) My upholstery guy thought it’s possible the wrong pattern was used? However i installed the seats in my truck and they look amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with my seats, just a little bit of a let down on the details (mainly the missed stitching.) I decided not to rate less then 5 stars because I am happy and understand that in mass production, things happen. But I thought I would share this with you and perhaps we can work something out since I will need covers again for another Lariat. I will include some pictures in the comments. Feel free to give me a call or respond here. Thank you


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Kalyn D – Colorado


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