2000-2002 Lincoln Navigator Driver Bottom Install

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Andrew Hunt – Director of Sales and R&D

Andrew was born and raised in Texas about 20 minutes from The Seat Shop.  He’s been friends and high school buddies with the Seat Shop owners for over 20 years.  Andrew has always enjoyed sports.   He was the lacrosse captain for his high school team and went on to play at the University of Texas at Dallas.  He has always loved Lacrosse and is currently teaching his son’s to play.  Andrew has a true passion for the Automotive Industry.  He has always been a “hand’s-on” kind of guy and enjoyed fixing/modifying his own trucks throughout the years.  He shares this passion with his Dad, and has fond memories of the two of them cleaning and working on cars.  His Dad taught him a lot about the automotive world, and Andrew was eager to learn.


Andrew began his professional career working at Truck Magic, a truck accessories company located in Plano TX.   It wasn’t long before the owner saw Andrew’s passion for the industry and his unique ability to genuinely connect with his customers.  In his early 20’s Andrew began managing the company.  He was able to grow Truck Magic to the point where major players in the industry began to notice the small company.  Soon 4 Wheel Parts acquired the company and they asked Andrew to help open and run their new Plano location.


After about 4 years in the auto aftermarket world he decided to transition into the family business of Mortgage.  He was consistently a President’s Counsel top performer and was promoted through the ranks quickly.  He went on to manage several mortgage companies in the DFW area including the number 2 direct lender in the nation.  His people skills allowed him to build lasting relationships with his clients, coworkers and team.  Having worked in these environments he understands deadlines, pressure, sales, and leadership.  He always talks about how much he believes in servant leadership and is always willing to roll up his sleeves and get dirty with the team!


As The Seat Shop was continuing to grow at a rapid pace, Matt and Brian found themselves in desperate need of someone to take over and expand their R&D department.  They also have been preparing to enter into the Fleet Services industry and needed a Director of Sales that had the ability to target C Level clients and sell our Fleet Interior Solutions.  Andrew and Matt have always talked about working together again and have been waiting for the right time.  In July of 2015 the timing clicked.  He was exactly what The Seat Shop needed, and vice versa.  Andrew shares our belief in caring for our customers and treating each of them as a friend.  His industry knowledge and his internal drive to be the best made Andrew a “quick study” around here.  We are excited he’s part of The Seat Shop family, and look forward to him growing The Seat Shop’s product lines as well as our sales department.

Andrew currently lives in Allen, TX with his wife Jenny and son’s Parker and Hudson.


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