What Can the Seat Shop Do for Your Business?

One little-known fact about The Seat Shop is that we service and offer fleet and police accounts. Not only do we partner with upholstery shops across the globe, we also work with everything from police departments and municipalities to fleet vans and trucks.


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Every day, fleet trucks and vans get serviced mechanically for oil changes, spark plugs, tires, the works. The vehicles we work with range from Chevrolet and GMC Work Vans (Express and Savannah) to F150 and Silverado’s with vinyl seats. While the vehicle maintenance is taken care of, there is little thought given to the employees that drive them day in and day out. Often times not only is just the cover ripped, but the foam is completely compressed, destroyed or depleted. Not only does a worn down foam lead to back pain, but it can cause a specific severe injury called BCVI in the event of a wreck. (You can learn more about the importance of replacing your foam HERE in our previous blog post)



Our Police division is separate from our fleet division specifically because the current factory seats in police vehicles are not designed with the law enforcement officer and his gear in mind. This was so groundbreaking for the industrPOLICE SEAT WITH BRACKETSy that NBC ran a story on us! Watch that here! We partnered with several Police Department’s in our area to design a seat specifically for their needs and we are proud to offer it to police stations across the US. Right now we are currently just producing this seat for the 2007-2014 Chevrolet Police Tahoe. This is the only NON-factory match seat we do because we took the time to modify the foam and covers to accommodate the duty weapon of the officer, add foam to support the lower back, add elastic bands to hold the seat belt receiver out of the away and many other things. Learn more about this product here.  We are currently working on producing seats for the 2013 – 2017 Ford Explorer Interceptor and the 2015 and up Tahoe’s. Stay tuned for more details!



Top 3 Reasons to Replace Your Bottom Seat Foam

All the time here at The Seat Shop we get calls for replacement leather seat covers. The issue is that often, the leather is ripped due to the seat foam giving out and not being as firm as it used to be. When your bottom seat foam breaks down like that your leather will flex farther down than it should. This usually ends up causing the leather to stretch and eventually break. It never fails that once someone buys just the leather replacement without the foam, the leather wears out in less than a year. So here are the TOP 3 REASONS to make sure you replace your bottom seat foam!


1. Your Back

About a year ago we got a call from a Chiropractor that had just replaced his driver bottom foam with a Durofoam foam cushion replacement and he was astounded. He knew that he needed to replace his seat foam and just held off on it until it was just unbearable to drive. He had so much back pain while driving that he searched for a remedy that would be better than factory and he found us. He told us that now he recommends the Durofoam to all his clients and it’s one of the best things you can do for your back, especially if you take long trips. When your hips are not sitting on a level surface (especially if you’re a guy and keep your wallet in your back pocket) this can definitely cause lower back problems down the road.


2. Your Leather

As mentioned above, your new leather will break down quickly if you chose not to replace your seat foam. 99% of the time the leather breaks down because the foam has lost its ability to “bounce back.” Don’t damage your new investment by skipping out on the foam. If you are in a position that you need a foam that we don’t manufacture DON’T PANIC because there are a couple of work around’s. You can take it to a professional upholstery shop and when they do the installation for you, they normally will layer up and bolster your existing foam. While it’s not as good as having a complete replacement, it will save you time and frustration down the road by keeping your new leather filled up and protected.


3. Your SAFETY

Carotid injury JPEG
Aside from proper posture while driving in your truck, your foam can also effect where your seat belt sits in the event of a wreck. After a wreck and someone is sent to the hospital they will find BCVI. BCVI or Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury occurs when the seat belt is not positioned properly on the chest and hits the neck. This crushes the veins and damages them and in 25-59% of these types of injuries the victim usually ends up having a stroke due to the injury. If nothing else please make sure you are not endangering yourself by driving around on a compressed or damaged foam

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Review from Ted N.

Hi Guys,

It took me a while to get to the project of testing the drivers seat heaters and replacing the elements, seat foam, bottom cover and arm rest cover on my 2003 Chevy but finally got to it this weekend. I am pretty mechanically inclined and can usually figure most things out but I wanted to tell you how helpful all of your videos were in getting the project done. Your products are excellent, your instructions are detailed, accurate and complete and I would highly recommend The Seat Shop to anyone who needs to replace theirs!

Thank you,

10-25-2016-03-06-gm 10-25-2016-03-06-gm1

Customer Review Howard B.

“Got my seat cover for my 2004 GMC Sierra and after watching your video it is a breeze 10 minutes to remove seat, about 5 to remove old seat cover and 5 to install seat back in the truck, but I spent about an hour cutting seat cover for and installing the power seat controls.
The color and pattern matched perfectly. Great set of covers
Howard B”

If and when we get an order wrong – you can guarantee we will fix it!

Below is a recent customer email responding back to having a missing stitch in the seat cover.

Just wanted to follow-up with our seat cover issue. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best :). The upholstery shop that installed the covers added the missing stitch, all is well and the seat covers look outstanding. Perhaps the most important thing to me as a customer was the manner in which our issue was immediately addressed and solutions provided. Great job!!

Many thanks and you can add us to your list of 100% satisfied customers!

Best regards,

Tim L.

Customer Review – John S.

I recently purchased a new base cover for the driver’s seat in my King Ranch (2002). I had it installed today by Rod’s Upholstery in Troy, NY. He did great job and seat looks great and the color match is terrific. Rod (the upholsterer) commented repeatedly on the quality of the piece and I am very pleased that I found you guys for this job. Thanks John